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Almuhaajer online for, Arabic language&Quraan learning


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Umm Samyrah (Juwariyah bint Abdullah)

I forgot to say she isalso the first egyptian women with professiona style ameen may allah preserve this in her ameen salaamu alayki

umm samyrah~

Umm Samyrah (Juwariyah bint Abdullah)


As Salaamu alaykuuna Wa rahamtullahu wa Barakaatuhu

Ya Allah bless Ustadah Nadia. mashallah tabarakallah this Uhktee is Mumtaza... i would recomend her to everyone and I do mashallah. She is a wonderful teacher the first Egyptian teacher to show me she really cares about Islamic futrue of education. She taught my children mashaallah and although I didnt get more time with her in class she is always there away from class to help. Her prices are reasonable and mashallah she has a wonderful heart. Inshallah when we return to Egypt I prey we are able to go back to her for teaching. Barakallahu feeki Ustadah Nadia for all of your hard earned help. Ana Uhibulikee fil llah jedden

Ma Salaamus

Umm Samyrah~

Fatma Sharif

Assalamu Alykom Gamiaan,

I would like so much to share with you my great experience i had with ustatha Nadia, as i've been memorizing and learning Qur'an elhamdolellah from ustatha Nadia for more than five years and that states how patience she's and how persisting she's not for anything but only to make sure that everyone reads Qur'an like saydna Mohammad PBUH, if i tried to state her positives as a professor not a common teacher i wouldn't find enough words and if i tried to state her positives as a real sister in Allah i also wouldn't find the exact words to express my feelings towards her nahsabha ala khayr w la nozakky ala Allah ahad and i'm sure that anyone knows her personally would understand me.May Allah yothabetek ustatha Nadia w yaj3alak always on the right track so you can lead others, ENNY OHEBOKY FELLAH.


mashaAllah tabarakAllah, ustadha Naadia, is really good. MashaAllah wal hamdulillah. I studided with her one on one. I was at the begining level only knowing the alphabet and mashaAllah i am now a fluent reader wal hamdulillah. I would recommend her without hesitation. She is very precise and shes a perfectionist in my opinon. She doesnt allow you to be lazy and is sure to give u the tools needed to be a good reader. She makes sure you are saying each letter orrectly and giving the letters their rights so to speak. May Allah reward Usatadhah Naadia and grant her tawfeeq in all of her affairs, raise her amongst the righteous and make her of those whom he loves, allahumma Ameen.

Umm 2 many

Her classes are very professional , she has command of two languages. I have only been to a couple of classes but I can tell what the other commenter is saying is true.

umm usamah

assalamualykum sisters,

my experience with Ustaza Nadia was excellent. She is a highly qualified teacher mashaAllah, who knows exactly how to get non Arabic speakers speaking correctly! I studied with her for a few months in 2007 while we were in Cairo, and mashaAllah learnt more in those short months than I had in the 40 years before, for Tajeweed and Quraan!

May Allah reward you Ustaza Nadia,ameen!