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Almuhaajer online for, Arabic language&Quraan learning

Our curriculum:

Essentials :how to read and write mainly with Beginner's boooks

And correction of pronounciation of letters.

1st level .Madinah book (1):

 2nd level . Madinah book (2):

Arabya Byna Yadyka series .

 Volume 1 

Volume 2

Volume 3

Each volumes is 4 levels 

According to the student's needs  Al-ketaabul-asasy: OR Ibn Suood books 

: for the rules of Arabic Grammer. Al-Nahu Al wadeh

  Ibn Suood books however are levels too.

Each level is devided into courses including classes

usually the course is 8 weeks.

Children Curriculum Start with:

ICO Books together with lots af helping texts and illustations

         However You can choose any book you are interested in learning it, and also you can choose the schedule that suites your time.

ICO Books

For young ones and beginners

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